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For the month of July, we offering two of the best reds in our cellar; The Willespie Margaret River Red 2016 & the Ksara Clos St. Alphonse 2018 at 10% off so click the links to place your order.


We now have a special offer on the Hanrahan’s Run Rose (x 12), now on sale for $60 per dozen.
This classy expression of the ever-popular European style is a superb example of how well Mount Barker compares to the great wine regions of the world.

Clown Fish WinesSauvignon Blanc / Semillon 2019864 $144.54Place Order Here
Clown Fish WinesSauvignon Blanc / Semillon 2014127 $121.44Place Order Here
Clown Fish WinesChardonnay 201478 $182.16Place Order Here
Clown Fish WinesCabernet Merlot 201235 $212.52Place Order Here
Clown Fish WinesShiraz 200814 $212.52Place Order Here
Cowaramup WinesSemillon Sauvignon Blanc 2014244 $212.52Place Order Here
Hanrahan’s RunRosé 20172011 $91.08Place Order Here
Middlesex 31Verdelho 1998600 $102.96Place Order Here
Middlesex 31Verdelho 2006306 $120.12Place Order Here
Middlesex 31Verdelho 2011283 $182.16Place Order Here
Middlesex 31Chardonnay 2018161 $212.52Place Order Here
WillespieCabernet Sauvignon 201332 $534.60Place Order Here

Tempo International introduces 2 new releases from our vineyard in Mount Barker

Our 2019 Shiraz has impressed leading wine connoisseurs at every tasting. Not too heavy on the palate, but still has lots of fruit and complexity.

The 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon has a lot of fruit an is generally light on the palate. A perfect example of Cabernet Sauvignon from the Mount Barker region.

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Easter Mixed Dozen

Easter Mixed Dozen

$155.00 (inc. GST)
Clown Fish Wines Shiraz 2007 x 12
Clown Fish Wines Shiraz 2008 x 12
Clown Fish Wines Cabernet Merlot 2012 x 12
Cowaramup Wines Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2014 x 12
Clownfish Wines Chardonnay 2014 x 12
Clown Fish Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2014 x 12
Clown Fish Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2019 x 12
Willespie Margaret River Red 2016 x 12
Willespie Merlot 2015 x 12

Willespie Merlot 2015 x 12

$356.40 (inc. GST)
Willespie Old School Chardonnay 2020 x 12

Willespie Old School Chardonnay 2020 x 12

$374.22 (inc. GST)
Hartigan Wines Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 x 12
Hartigan Wines Shiraz 2019 x 12
Swan Valley Salt Bush Australian Gin 500ml
Swan Valley Mediterranean Dry Gin 500ml
Swan Valley Duende Blanco Lime 500ml
Swan Valley Spiced Cumquat Gin 700ml
Swan Valley Strawberry Dry Gin 700ml
Swan Valley Artisan Dry Gin 700ml

We specialize in WA Boutique wines, our catalog is continuously updated with new WA companies.

Hartigan wine is our own wine from Mount Barker made by Castelli Winery in Denmark. Exceptional quality for the price.

Willespie Wines were established in 1976 and are 1 of the oldest vineyards in the Margaret River region. Willespieare 1 of the few remaining family established, owned & operated wineries in the region with the 3rd generation of the family now involved. The name Willespieblends the region WILYABRUP and the French word for hope, êspérè. The grapes are dry grown and the reds are not released until after 7 years.

Vineyard28, Moojelup Farm are both from Geographe Bay.

From Swan Valley comes Talijancich who has been making wine since 1932. Their fortified wines are of the highest quality

Three Rivers Brewing Company is a small, family-owned and run microbrewery located in the beautiful Peel Region of WA.

Their philosophy is a simple one… They had enough of mass-produced beer made from cheap ingredients and they think the beer-loving public deserves better. They produce a range of award-winning beers made from only the finest ingredients and nearly all conforming to the strict German beer purity law – the Reinheitsgebot. The use only water, malt, hops, and yeast in most of their beers, and those with extra ingredients still use only the finest quality extras such as coriander and citrus. No additives, no preservatives, no colors, no cheap sugar (you’d be surprised!). They choose not to filter their finished beers too which means that you might sometimes get a slightly cloudy beer but you’ll get a lot more flavor.

One of their production cornerstones is sustainability.All of their spent grain is used as stock feed, their hops are used as mulch and their heat exchange water is used for subsequent brews.

Specialty items like high-quality Arak and wine from Chateau Ksara where they have made wine since the bronze age, Lebanon.

We also specialize in Middle Eastern food products such as Tahini, Olives, Oil, Rosewater, Syrian Coffee, Falafel, Bulgur, Chickpeas, Nougat, Zaatar, and much more. We are also agents for nut & nougat company Jingilli Oil, Village Tahini + Zarzour.

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Vineyard 28 Dolcetto 2019 x 12

Vineyard 28 Dolcetto 2019 x 12

$209.55 (inc. GST)

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Orders below this amount will not be fulfilled. If you would like to put together a mixed dozen, contact sales@tempoint.com.au.

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