Cu Chulainn Irish Red Ale 330ml x 24

$91.08 (inc. GST)

$3.45 per bottle

ABV 4.7%    IBU 24



Cu Chulainn, pronounced “Coo Cullen” or “Coo Hullen”, is a mythical Irish warrior also known as The Hound of Ulster. Famous for his courage and frenzy when fighting his foes, he’s a bit like small, craft brewers like us struggling against the tide of bland beers.

The deep ruby red colour of the Cu Chulainn comes from the addition of a very small portion of highly-kilned unmalted barley to the grain bill. This also adds a little roast or burnt flavour to the beer adding complexity over the caramel and biscuit flavours from the other malts.
Hop bitterness is relatively low but the beer can taste more bitter or dry than it is because of the burnt flavours from the dark malts.


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