Jingilli Tuscan Blend is a delicious, healthy combination of Western Australia’s finest Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Premium Canola Oil which contains no cholesterol or preservatives.

Jingilli  Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a delicious blend of Leccino and Frantoio olive varieties, showcasing fresh fruity flavours, balanced with a complementary peppery finish.  The olives are cool climate estate grown and pressed immediately after harvest to give exceptional quality and flavour.

Our premium Canola Oil is extracted from certified NON-genetically modified canola grown in the pristine environment of Southwest Australia and is a good source of essential nutrients containing Omega 3 and 6 as well as Omega 9 from Jingilli Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Jingilli Tuscan Blend is a light tasting oil ideal for all your cooking styles such as deep-frying, shallow fry, baking and a fantastic base for creating sauces.