Swan Valley Mediterranean Dry Gin 500ml

$66.00 (inc. GST)

We were always keen to make a Mediterranean style Gin using traditional botanicals originating from that area. For a citrus backbone we used Italian lemons sourced in the Swan valley which were grown from cuttings brought from Italy. To add some more flavours we used local olive leaf, rosemary and fennel to give some earthy tones. Our juniper berries are sourced from Serbia which is almost Mediterranean and the coriander is West Australian. Lastly we added to the boiler some Pedro Ximenez grape pressings which are originally a Spanish variety and used in making one of Pandemonium Estate’s fortified wines.




There are some great aromas from the rosemary and grapes with a pleasant earthiness. Certainly a flavour forward gin with citrus and spice combined with the smooth grape spirit.

Served over ice and sipped on a quiet beach in Spain or in a large glass balloon with a Mediterranean tonic.


Gold Medal at the 2019 Australian Gin Awards


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