Tomahawk Pale Ale x 24

$99.00 (inc. GST)

$3.75 per bottle


ABV 5.4%    IBU 50



SILVER Medal – 2014 Perth Royal Beer Show

The Tomahawk American Pale Ale is a medium-hopped Ale based on the famous Pale Ale from the Sierra Nevada brewery in California, one of the pioneering breweries that started the whole craft beer revolution in the early 80s. The Sierra Nevada version started as a homebrew recipe – as did ours – and is now the gold standard in Pale Ales and has been the inspiration for many a brewer. Like these earlier American Pale Ales, the hop levels in Tomahawk aren’t as over-powering as some of the newer American Pale Ales but are still at the front of both the smell and taste of the beer. We use mostly American malt and all American hops in this beer which are classically citrussy and grapefruity in character.

Tomahawk is also dry-hopped for a big aroma burst but wont blow your head off like some of the newer Pale Ales do. Sorry Hop Heads but we like to aim for balanced beers at Three Rivers in homage to our traditional approach to brewing. Try to get some when we’ve just brewed it as that’s when the hop flavours are at their peak and most distinct.


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