Vineyard 28 Nebbiolo 2018 x 12

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8.3 Standard Drinks

14& Alc/Vol

A savoury, plummy and tannic bolder Italian grape, grown here at Vineyard 28. Spices and light raspberry cherry characters, with a dry finish.

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Winemaking: The fruit was destemmed, cooled to approx 14 degrees C, and placed into closed fermentation for two days. The juice was warmed to 16 degrees C and yeast was added. The juice/wine was then controlled to a maximum of 29 Degrees C during ferment. Wine was not plunged for the first 36 hours. Then gentle plunging was done twice daily for 20 minutes. Prior to the completion of the ferment, the Malolactic ferment was begun. When the wine had fermented to dryness, skin contact was maintained for a further 14 days. Tanks were closed off from the atmosphere. The wine was plunged once every 2 days during this period. The wine was pressed of skins and transferred to a stainless steel tank and allowed to settle for 36 hours before transfer to an oak barrel. The wine was aged in 3-5-year-old French oak barriques for 18 months.

History: The original home of the Nebbiolo is the relatively small, hilly, and misty corner of Northwest Italy known as the Piedmont. It is believed to be indigenous to this area. Nebbiolo takes its name from Nebbia? or fogs that fill the steep-sided valleys of the region. Nebbiolo is one of the first varieties to bud each spring, but has a long ripening season, and is generally the last to be harvested each year. Wines from Nebbiolo are often characterised by their ample amounts of acidity and tannins, and thus often benefit from several years of ageing.

Reviews: This can be a tricky variety to manage in the vineyard and the winery, yet these guys have pretty much mailed it. In particular, the tannins are well managed. The palate has a beautiful medium-bodied dry savouriness with spices and light raspberry cherry characters. Dry finish is perfect for food.? Score 92/100

Ray Jordan reviewed our 2015 Nebbiolo in the 2018 West Australian Wine Guide

Food Pairing:?? Rich tomato-based pasta dishes, prosciutto, and strong flavoured cheese.

Cellaring: 10 years and beyond.


2018 Nebbiolo

Bronze Medal at the 2019 Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show

Awarded a Bronze Medal in Class WA16a, Alternative Red  at the 2019 Geographe & WA Alternative Varieties Wine Show

2017 Nebbiolo

Silver Medal at the 2018 Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show

Awarded a Bronze Medal in Class WA3, Alternative Red Fuller bodied styles and blends, at the 2018 Geographe & WA Alternative Varieties Wine Show

2015 Nebbiolo

Awarded a Silver Medal at the 2016 Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show

Received a Silver Medal at the 2017 Geographe & WA Alternative Varieties Wine

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